Radio No Jodas, EP. 007 Welcome to Los Amates

Happy Saturday and welcome back to another episode of Radio No Jodas! This week we had the opportunity to talk to Steve from, an organization he created to help give kids in El Salvador access to soccer equipment and resources that they'd otherwise never obtain without his organization's help! With donation drives, free equipment, and an emphasis on good grades in school, Steve, his family, and his group of friends are pushing what it means to help each other out in our community. Make sure you listen as we discuss how it got started, where he plans on taking it, and what you can do to help keep the dream alive! Intro song for this episode is Salvadoreña by Los Hermanos Flores, our regular intro song will be back! -Enjoy!


Radio No Jodas, EP. 006

It's official everyone. Henry has signed the contract and is now the official co-host of No Jodas! He sold his soul to me and can't get out of this one. Kidding. 

But with that said we are happy to bring forward more related topics that are important to our community. 

On this episode we ask the question: Does solidarity exist? Is it black or white or do the grey areas count? We shared our opinions and really picked our brains about whether or not it really exists. Does it? Will this generation have a better grip on how to support other communities? Will the Latinx community finally break down the barriers and tension between themselves and finally come together? But we ask the bigger questions and the elephant in the room...Is there solidarity between the Mexican community and the Central American community?

Radio No Jodas, EP. 005

My guest Henry or as some of you may know him as, "Colachampagnepapi" on Instagram and Tumblr. Is the only person I can think of who hits it on the nail when it comes to bayuncadas and Salvi sense of humor. He talks about his background and experience as a Salvadoran and where his inspirations come from for his videos. We also got to chat about the importance of self-identity and how to use your platforms wisely. Do people use their self-identities for the aesthetic or for the actual passion and struggle? With that said we got into a mini debate about how we eat our Pupusas. How do you eat yours? Fork or hands?


Radio No Jodas, EP. 004

On this episode my cousin Stephanie, my Nicaraguan friend Anais from 'Quien sos vos' and I reflect on the TPS March in Los Angeles. Anais also shares her background story and her love for reggaeton and how her project Quien sos vos was created and how she hopes it will unite Latinos everywhere. We also cover the importance of using our voices and why it is important to use our platforms to raise awareness for the Central American community.

Radio No Jodas, EP. 003

On this special holiday episode me and my best friend, Denise Guevara talk about our friendship and the crazy, beautiful story about how El Salvador brought the two of us together! Some call it coincidence, some call it fate, but we believe that it was just meant to be. Feliz Navidad cipotes and mis lindos Centroamericanos! Enjoy!- xoxo No Jodas.